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Monday, 18 March, 2013


Just 20 ISPs are responsible for half of the world’s entire haul of Internet scam and spam emails, says a study. The thesis (you can read it here in a .pdf file), entitled “Internet Bad Neighborhoods” is the work of a pair of researchers, Moreira Moura and Giovane Cesare, from the University of Twente, who researched over 42,000 Internet Service Providers worldwide and found the following trends:

  • Most spam comes from the U.S.
  • Most phishing comes from Asia—of that, Indian network BSNL came top of the list.
  • The most crime-ridden network is Nigeria’s Spectranet.
  • The majority of bad ISPs are to be found in India, Brazil, and Vietnam.

Read report (PDF) Internet - Bad Neighborhoods (PhD thesis) here:

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    Read report (PDF) Internet - Bad Neighborhoods (PhD thesis) here:
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