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Wednesday, 23 July, 2014


By Dave McLaughlin, CEO at Vsnap

For many businesses that sell enterprise software, July can be a slow month. That makes it a perfect time to be experimenting with new technologies and processes. I reached out to a few contacts to ask them if they think of July in this way. Here’s what…

Fully concur with using the quiet summertime for enterprise software testing.

Tuesday, 22 July, 2014

To the memory of Adam von Trott zu Solz, a courageous German resistance fighter.

Dr Adam von Trott zu Solz (1909-1944) was a lawyer and diplomat during the dreadful time of the Third Reich. An Anglophile and a direct descendant to John Jay, a founding father of the United States of America, he desperately tried to use his prominent position as a diplomat for the German Reich to win British and US support for the German resistance movement opposing Hitler and his henchmen.

Adam travelled tirelessly across the globe to win support, yet unfortunately did not succeed. The Nazi “People’s Court” in Berlin sentenced him to death by hanging (26 August 1944) alongside other courageous German reistance fighters.

Adam von Trott zu Solz was an outstanding man, all Germans can be proud of!

Sunday, 20 July, 2014
Saturday, 19 July, 2014

Weekend summer fun, enjoy!

Thanks The NewYorker.

Friday, 18 July, 2014

Better adapt to The European way of doing business.

After having returned to my home country Germany after almost 20 years abroad I realise the many things that have changed, mostly to the better. It is not only the Euro, but how much more globally minded the continent has become, despite some ugly right wing movements.

For all those of you (particularly US startups) that intend to come to Europe to do business here, this article provides valuable advice that may help to succeed:

Thursday, 17 July, 2014


#WednesdayWisdom from Marissa Mayer: you can do it your way, on your terms! #inspiration #leadership #nasdaq #inspiring #goodquote #inspirational #quoteoftheday

Software development for the enterprise evolves rapidly..

Thanks LeCloud.

Wednesday, 16 July, 2014

IMHO it is distasteful to mock the opponent!

Trust most Germans strongly disapprove of this humiliating behaviour by some of the winning team at the “Siegesfeier” in Berlin yesterday!

The World Cup is over - Fun for our American friends.

Thanks The NewYorker